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Fordimages.com by Archivea

Ford Motor Company licensed Archivea GmbH to publish Ford images in 2005 and to build Fordimages.com in 2011. Our mission is to curate and present Ford Imagery and Video to the world. We have grown to become official licensees for Ford Motor Company, The Henry Ford Museums and the Carroll Shelby brands. We love Ford and all vehicles "Powered by Ford".

We exist to support your passion for the Blue Oval.

We are Archivea GmbH a focused group of people dedicated to art and industrial design. We have offices in Dearborn and in Lugano, Switzerland where our HQ is. We are a family business which started its first business in 1959 in Los Angeles. We have been a proud licensee of Ford Motor Company for more than 15 years.

I am Rick Weedn and I was born and raised in 1950's Southern California in a car and motorcycle culture. My father, Jack Weedn started our first family company just after I was born. Dad was a Ford guy with a 32' Jalopy and later a "57' Flip Top Box" as he called it. My current Ford is a 65 F250 4x4.

Today our marketing team, Bernardo Balmar, myself and my son, Miguel Weedn are based in Europe while our manufacturing team is based both in the USA and in Switzerland. We are placed around the world to serve Ford fans everywhere.

We are American car and motorcycle guys living in Europe. We are following in the shadows of some of our heroes that brought American ingenuity and grit across the pond.

Most of our customers are in America so we keep office phone hours that can support your needs 7:00am to 3:00pm Dearborn Time. Email, FB Messenger, Whatsapp and Chats are open 24/7.

If you have any questions at all or have a special request, just shoot me an email as I am here to help you find or create the perfect Ford art that fuels your passion"

- Richard Weedn Co-Founder of Fordimages.com and the Archivea Companies.



Via Giulio Vicari 10
Lugano, Switzerland

+41 79 265 8891