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Stretched Canvas in Many Sizes

We offer super high quality hand stretched canvas. Each photograph is printed with archival inks and printed on museum quality canvas. Each is stretched expertly over thick wood stretcher bars In many sizes. Please allow four - five weeks for printing and one - two for delivery.


Showroom Wall Murals

If you have an important place in your dealership or personal garage to showcase special vehicles this is perfect.

These easy to install (and uninstall) adhesive backed Showroom Wall Murals are great for presenting new models and those vehicles loved by your customers. Please allow three weeks for printing and one - two for delivery.


Visit the Total Perfomance Era Collection

We have collaborated with The Henry Ford Museums, The Ford Motor Company and Carroll Shelby Licensing to bring you the racing and historic archive of covering the the Total Performance Era of Ford powered vehicles.

For the first time these archive images are open to view and purchase limited edition (limited to just 100 pieces) as Photographic Prints. These can be collected as small prints for your own portfolio, or giant murals for your man cave, garage or business. We do custom work all the time for some of the worlds most famous collectors. Please allow three weeks for printing and delivery.


Copyright Licensing

Fordimages.com is the copyright
licensing agency for The Ford Motor Company Archives.

Our use fees are dependent upon specific use, term and geographical

We try to keep it simple.

1) Still Photos are $275 each for use in Books or Publications.

2) Commercial Advertising use varies between $250 and $25,000 depending upon the campaign.

3) Video Use is $1000 per clip of any duration.

All of our grants of license include Ford copyright release.

Please tell us about your requested use and we will give you a fee estimate.

Thank You!

Richard Weedn


+41 79 265 8891

Holiday Season Hours

We are closed from Friday December 22 through Jan 2. We wish all a wonderful holiday season with family and friends!

Fordimages.com by Archivea GmbH

Ford Motor Company licensed Archivea GmbH to build Fordimages.com in 2012. Our mission is to curate and present Ford imagery and video to the world. We have grown to become official licensees for Ford Motor Company, The Henry Ford Museums and the Carroll Shelby brands. We love Ford and all vehicles "Powered by Ford".

We are Archivea GmbH, a unique company founded by Americans in Europe. We are dedicated to art, film and industrial design. Our Fordimages.com website supplies wall decor to Ford owners, dealerships and employees around the world. Our business was founded by Jack R. Weedn in 1950 in Los Angeles. We have been a proud licensee of Ford Motor Company for more than 15 years.

"I am Rick Weedn, son of Jack R. Weedn and I was born and raised in late 1950's Southern California in a car and motorcycle culture. My father started our first family company just after I was born. Dad was a Ford guy with a 32' Jalopy and later a "57' Flip Top Box" as he called it. My current Ford is a 65 F250 4x4. My son, Miguel Weedn is the current company leader.

Today our team includes Cory Steffen, Sabine Catteneo, Tiziano Tunesi, myself and Miguel Weedn. We are in Southern Switzerland where we make all of our products for Archivea Inc, located in California.

Our Fordstock.com business is the worlds only official supplier of Ford Images and Video for commercial stock licensing use. FordStock.com works with advertisers and media producers around the world.

If you have any questions at all or have a special request, just shoot me an email as I am here to help you find or create the perfect Ford art that fuels your passion or your business"

- Richard Weedn Co-Founder of Fordimages.com and the Archivea Companies.


Ford Official Licensee

100% Licensed Imagery

100% Hand Made To Order.

Archivea GmbH is the licensee for audio/visual materials from the Ford Motor Company archives. We work daily with the Ford Heritage Vault and serve production and advertising clients around the world.