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The Henry Ford Museums

1964 2000KM Daytona Dan Gurney Lotus 19 02-64-046.jpg

1964 2000KM Daytona Dan Gurney Lotus 19 02-64-046.jpg

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Fine art photographic prints are printed on heavy 300gsm Canon glossy photo paper. Wall Murals are printed on matte finish self-adhesive fabric.

Digitized from the original negative , printed in Switzerland and USA to museum standards.

Artwork in this collection are from The Henry Ford Museums. All reproduction rights are reserved by the copyright owner and used under license by Archivea GmbH. All Images are printed with a white border ready for framing.

"Dave Friedman has captured and preserved auto racing history through his photography. His work-and his collection of works by other photographers documenting key races, vehicles, drivers, and teams". - The Henry Ford Museums


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